Haut Monde

A community for taking over the world through elitism

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Pronunciation: O-'mänd, O-mOnd
Variant(s): also haute monde /Ot-/
Function: noun
Pronunciation: O-'mänd, O-mOnd
Variant(s): also haute monde /Ot-/
Function: noun
Etymology: French, literally, high world
: high society

Rules for Haut Monde

You must fill out the entire application to be considered eligible for membership.

You may not vote or post in any other entries until you are stamped.

3. You must appreciate our sense of humour, but feel free to express your dissapointment if you are rejected.

4. Please refrain from using foul language. (There are ladies present)

5. You must post three clear pictures of yourself (at least one face-shot) with your application.

6. You must use French innapropriately at least once in your application.

7. The phrase "Dude, where's my porn star?" should appear somewhere in your application.

8. Your application must be an lj cut.

9. Your application must be titled "Am I haut monde?"

10. You must complete an application within 24 hours of joining the community, or you will be kicked out.


Remember to put <lj-cut text="application"> before your application, or we'll kill you!







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About You

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Style Icon:

Person you could become if you could be anyone:

Celebrity you hate the most:

Favorite Store:

Do you have piercings or tatoos? (pictures, please!)


Give your opinions of the following:

Going barefoot:

Naming your baby "Apple":

Elijah Wood:

Lindsay Lohan's breasts:

Lead paint:

Mai Tais:


Emo kids:


This is the scenario. You see Al Franken, Al Sharpton, and Moby sharing a giant platter of cupcakes. What do you do? What DO you do?

Think up an ending to the seventh Harry Potter book. (Bonus points if it involves Harry and Ron making out in the back seat of the recovered Ford Anglia.)

What alterations would you make to the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine uniforms?

If you were to be any STD, which one would you be? And why?

Which character on Saved by the Bell do you think you could beat in pole vaulting?

What type of cancer are you most likely to get?

Would you take a dollar bill out of a urinal?

Fifty words on the sexual prowess of hobbits. I don't care if you're not attracted to them.

What's the worst college in America?

Remember, we need three pictures of you!

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