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Haut Monde

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August 9th, 2004

12:00 pm - Karaoke
Hey, My friend and I love doing karaoke!! Do any of you have any song suggestions?? I've gotten to the point where I'm singing the same songs all the time! hehehehe! Thanks! :)

X-posted BTW :)

My friend and I singingCollapse )

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August 8th, 2004

10:08 am - Scariest Movies ever!
Yes, we've all seen horror movies... What would you consider the scariest?
For me it would have to be....

The Dark Crystal
(It wasn't so much of the monsters that scared me, but those weird looking people... the main characters of the story)

Those ugly ass things!

But other than that... It's kind of hard to come up with movies that really scare me. I've seen about everything and I was never terrified by it... Though there are a few that scared me when i was much younger... These were the movies that terrified me most...

Dolly Dearest (i dunno why, but dolls just creep me out anyway)
The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (nothing beats the original)
The Shining (i think it was that scene with the naked old woman that terrified me most)
Current Music: elliott smith - "color bars"

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July 31st, 2004

12:50 pm - my lifelong crush list
Over the years I've had some really peculiar crushes that even I don't understand and my girlfriend laughs at so here they are:

kirstie alley
natalie raitano
jennifer tilly
diane keaton
emma watson
topanga from "boy meets world"

To my dismay their aren't any busty blondes on this list. I can't remember them all know but that's the ones I don remember .

What are your past crushes?

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July 22nd, 2004

02:18 pm - now GI jane doesn't have to be GIplain

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12:44 pm - thoughts on new icon?
last night at "the jungle house" on 47th street there was rather-sloshed game night including scrabble, the daily show, and Risk. someone was making name tags and sticking them on everyone and i got the one i'm wearing in the picture - it says OPHELIA - and in my stupor i almost began to cry and purportedly said, "how did you know i have a terrible feeling like i'm going to drown someday?"

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July 18th, 2004

05:25 pm

I never actually filled out the application, and the new one is so cool, so here it goes....

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July 17th, 2004

07:50 am - gone______

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July 16th, 2004

03:00 pm - martha stewart gets to decorate the big house

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July 13th, 2004

11:19 am - "Am I haut monde?"

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July 12th, 2004

08:52 am - FMA is voted on this week!
The Senate votes on the discriminatory Federal Marriage Amendment this week. And until then, I must ask you to do everything you can to make sure your Senators vote against it. This is the most important vote the LGBT community has faced in decades -- we must win. And we CAN win, if every fair-minded American commits to speaking up this week like never before.

Call BOTH your Senators, right now, and every day this week. Senators Sarbanes and Mikulski (Maryland) are hearing from the opposition in droves. Drown them out. If you do not live in Maryland you can find out your Senators by going to the following link and choosing your state.

Here is the number:


When you call, ask for one of your Senators by name. When their office answers, state your name and address and urge them to oppose the Federal Marriage Amendment. Then call your other Senator immediately and do the same. Not sure what to say? Click here:


**This issue is very close to my heart....so this will be x-posted quite a bit to the other communties that I am in...sorry if you have to see this more than once. <3,Allie**

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