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Haut Monde

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September 13th, 2004

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03:42 pm - hurricane sale
TOY,The Fist-  
Description: Here's a toy for either the serious user or just as a novelty. Either way…be careful not to knock anyone out.

TOY,Tool,Thin-Black -

Description: There's a butt plug out there for everyone. Is this one right for you??

<  Douche-Shur Shot Shower Set"
Description: Do you have that not so fresh feeling? Maybe it is time to get your ass into gear for spring cleaning. The Shur Shot shower set comes complete with all you need except a wrench and a roll of teflon tape! Connector for your shower, hose (aprox 5 feet) and powerful nozzle for that extra spray. The Shur Shot is used as a douche but is also great for giving your pet a bath! Stainless steel, durable material. CAUTION: Adjust your water pressure first!

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