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Good Lord! Did everyone see that there's another Haut Monde? They just use two underscores, the pathetic little whores! Also, they have more members than us. Totally unacceptable.

Andrew, I can't believe someone else wanted to use your lame name for a community.

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on every reality tv show, there's some vegeterian/ vegan who embarasses herslef on tv by being argumentative and wrong,my personal favorite is the girl from amish in the city,"I don't eat cows cuz they're from outer space!" or tracy bingham form surreal life,"I don't eat piglets cuz its like eating my own daughter!"

Both of Us

Deep Thoughts

No one has posted in here in forever, so I've decided to post:


My Top Five List of Animated Characters I'm Attracted To:

1. Peter Pan - from Peter Pan, but not from Return to Neverland
2. Poison Ivy- Batman the Animated Series
3. Tarzan -  Tarzan (obviously)
4. Demetri -  Anastasia
5. Trent-  Daria

However, if it weren't for a deep, emotional attachment to Peter Pan, I think Poison Ivy might push her way to number one.